Our Backshop Techs have fixed the worst of the worst.  Sometimes we trash our own board just to have some fun fixing it.

HOT WAX:  We hand wax every board using ONE BALL JAY wax. All shop staff is capable of waxing boards and we usually can do it on the spot.

SHARPEN EDGES:  GrindRite edging machine makes it quick and easy to put a new edge on your board and get you ready to rip it on that “Ice Coast” packed powder.

BIG BALLER:  Re-finish the base of your board and get all those small scratches out from when you took a ride down the gravel driveway when you thought there was enough snow.  Our GrindRite belt and stone grinder can get it looking good as new.  We’ll also sharpen and wax it when we’re done.

P-TEX:  Do you have a deep gouge in the base that keeps slowing you down?  We can drip some P-Tex in there and make it as if it wasn’t even there.

BASE WELDS:  Core Shot?  Perhaps from last year’s trip out west, or hitting that hand rail downtown?  We’ve got the tools to do it right and make it stick.

BASE PATCHES:  Beyond Core Shot?  Missing a chunk out of the bottom of your board?  We can patch it up.  We use the strongest epoxy you can’t find at your local hardware store.

EDGE REPAIRS:  Bashed and broken edges will rob your board from the smooth ride it deserves.  It will also allow moisture in that can delaminate from the inside.  Get that edge resealed or replaced.

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