Bags Galore …”This kind of thing is my bag… baby.”

If you’re looking for a bag this winter, this is the place to come…

Everything from Backpacks, Rolling Luggage Bags, Boot Bags, Board Bags, Duffle Bags, Messenger Packs, & even Purses…we’ve got you covered.

Here are a few backpacks that stand out.

  • Burton Resolution Pack- A photographer/videographers lifesaver. This bag will protect the camera and any additional lenses, flashes, or other accessories.
  • Burton Mr. Beer- The name says it all. Party on.
  • Dakine Mission Bag- Tech pockets to protect your laptop, padded goggle compartment, vertical board carrier…what more do you need? Several colors to choose from.

Board Bags & Duffles

  • Basic board sleeves to protect your board to and from the resort.
  • Padded board bags to transport your board with gear
  • Wheeled board bags for easy airport maneuverability.
  • AK Duffle- Fully waterproof!

Travel with ease and style (what we call steeze) with a rolling luggage bag.

Boot Bags- Totally Underrated!

  • Ride Frantic Gear Bag- Double decker boot bag with a fold out changing mat to keep you dry when gearing up in those wet & muddy parking lots.
  • Dakine Boot Pack- Single boot locker with changing mat and extra pockets for goggles, gloves, etc….

Bags are perfect for keeping all your gear together, the last thing you want to do if forget something at home. And to let you in on a secret…they even make great presents for the Holidays. Come hang out on your way to or from the mountain, enjoy one of the new shred flicks, and check out the bags….there’s one for any need!

What IS Happening? or… How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love La Niña

Ok, what exactly IS going on here? Last week we were sure that cold weather would come just in time to allow early december snow making, and fun times for all. Alas, these last several days we’ve seen a slow rise in temperatures and crossed our fingers that today (Monday) would bring less rain than anticipated. Fortunately, it looks like later in the week some more cold weather will move in.

Now, as far as our winter outlook is concerned, by now you’ve already realized our homeboy, El Niño has taken a leave of absence for the past couple of winters, and his foul, dry, and mild temperatured mistress, La Niña has taken his place… Are you worried? Does this strike fear, uneasiness, or even a slight twitchy irritation into the hearts of the powder junkies among us? Well, there is nothing you can do about it. So we might as well stop worrying about it and try and learn whats exactly going on with our snow this year. Here are a few winter outlook facts and topics to calm your slush demons.

A) It’s not winter yet. We still have some waiting to do before that beloved and esteemed “BIG DUMP” arrives and kicks the season into gear. I only emphasize this first because it’s easy to get antsy once we first get back at it. We are a greedy kind–eager to keep on keeping on, it’s this curse that will eventually bless us once the snow comes… so don’t go changing, just understand it’s natural, dude…

2) . Let’s not forget that La Niña has been around for the past couple of winters now. So before we wag a disappointed finger in the direction of the abnormally cold equatorial pacific ocean, give thanks for dumps received in the past couple of years. And, luckily, forecasts for this winter have been more or less in sync with our past couple of winters. According to this chart from the Weather Advance Storm Prediction Center, the 2011/12 winter could kick up more of the same.

Keep your fingers crossed, but I got a good (and oddly familiar) feeling about what La Niña has up her sleeve.

C) La Niña wants to show you love, she just isn’t sure how to. While the weather pattern generally produces warmer than average winter temperatures for the Southeast, the Appalachians lie within a region of “Equal Chance” on this year’s U.S. Winter Outlook from NOAA.

While this does mean less frequent cold fronts from the north, and possible prolonged periods of mild temperatures, it is wildly less predictable more than 2-3 weeks in advance. Expect larger systems and warm fronts bringing larger amounts of moisture at a time. These warm fronts coupled with some cold air movement from the North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO), or the Pacific-North America Index (also affects the amount of cold air available) could land us feet of snow from a single system.

Alright, gang, keep your chin up. Best thing to do is ride when you can, keep stoked, and with luck we’ll stay on La Niña’s good side. That’s all the amateur meteorology we have time for today. JAH LOVE.

For more information on this year’s winter outlook, check out AgroClimate and NOAA

It IS Happening!

Slowly but surely the 2011/2012 season is taking off, and we couldn’t be more stoked! Yesterday we put in a great little day over at Sugar Mountain. The snow was fun, the sky was blue, and we all got nice and jazzed in the company of some awesome riders! It felt good to get our legs back under us, and needless to say, we woke up hella sore, but thirsty for more… Today is Beech Mountain Resort’s opening day and we hope everybody gets up there to ride some high-speed quad and get their Shawneehaw on! Rumor has it that our homeboys from the Beech Mountain Terrain Park Crew will be setting up something fun for you guys. Be sure and stop on by the shop on your way to the hill, and if you need anything while you’re up there, check out Roots Rideshop in the village! And please, send us some pictures of your day @edgeoworldnc on twitter!

So it’s warm until next tuesday, let’s talk Snowboard Art, and maybe theft.

Art and Snowboarding have always (at least for me) gone hand in hand. Both allow the individual to be creative, and fluid with no limitations but the mind. Both are pure forms of human extension, in a word completely Jazz(best new phrase of 2011?). One of the coolest parts of working at Edge of the World are seeing new board graphics each year and learning a little about the artists. For example the Lib Tech artwork is always phenomenal. Lib uses a waterbased paint which allows for maximum colour (canadian) potential in each board. Artists like Mike Parillo and Jamie Lynn are constant contributors to the series, i.e.:

















(for more check out Asymbol)

Let’s move on. Burton always has fresh graphics, killer colors and great layouts on there boards. If you need any proof google, Burton Performer and see where snowboarding really took off (or the tribute graphic on the Burton Fish a few years back). This year the graphic on the Me Nug is killer, the bright neon, masters of the universe jazz (2), who wouldn’t want to look down and see this lovely chica charging into battle (powder) with them?:








Finally I want to discuss the artwork of Ride! Each year Ride has done a special DH series board with artists doing a surprise graphic. And not just one graphic, multiple graphics a year. The catch is that we (EOW) don’t get to see the graphic (nor does anybody) until the board gets to the shop. None the less, Ride never disappoints (with any board, but particularly the DH series). Now, I do have one qualm with Ride, and we’ll have to let the graphic do the talking. Last year in a fury of about five minutes I drew the following:









Pretty sweet right? It’s a man on a unicorn with the ride logo emblazoned in to its shoulder with the caption “I Ride a Hybrid”. Of course this is a reference to Ride’s  Hybrid Tech:

Naturally I sent the doodle along to one of the Reps around the area and then I forgot all about this picture, burrying it in some dark dusty corner of my mind. That was until the beginning of November when the new DH 2.7 came in the mail. Let’s take a look:











Now I know Picasso said “good artists copy, but great artists steal” but really Ride? If one looks close enough they see this embedded into the graphic:









Hmm look familiar?*  We’ll let you decide.

Anyway, there you go, art and snowboarding go hand in hand. Come by the shop to check out all of these boards and more, with so many cool graphics you’re sure to find a board that expresses just who you are!

*as a disclaimer, I do not actually believe Ride stole this graphic from me, they happen to be just as clever as I am. In the off chance that someone did, they can settle up with me via the shops phone number!

Hey, What’s this cold outside? + T-RICE

It looks like the weather should finally be cold enough (Check it) to make snow the rest of the week (hey, looks like tomorrow we might get some natural snow), and the resorts should be open by the weekend! We’re stoked, and more stoked about what we got in the mail yesterday:









That’s the limited edition T-RICE. It comes with a great hardback book from Art of Flight, as well as the ART of Flight DVD and Blu-Ray discs! Come check it out, definitely a collectable piece (It shines blue). We have the 153 and 157 in!



Welcome to our new site. The 2011-2012 season is here. Swing by and pick up new gear, get tuned up, or chill by the fire.


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