A Fake Interview With John Jackson

John Jackson* stopped by the shop recently and sat down with EOW to talk about almost anything and everything. Little did he know, but we recorded the whole thing on a cassette tape. Unfortunately for the world the tape was lost when shop dog Mowgli (not pictured) mistook it for a chew toy. Lucky for us we had a team of assistants transcribe the tape before this all went down. Here’s the interview.

(*disclaimer: this is a fictitious account)

EOW: John thanks for taking time out of your life to stop by EOW

John: No worries, I was just practicing to become a falconer but had planned to come by the shop for about 12 years now.

EOW: Very cool! Let’s talk about your hair first, those are some sick dreads you have going on.

John: (laughs) Yeah that whole thing…it all started a few years ago when Mark (Landvik) was on a roadtrip, driving somewhere across some desert. He’s always buying weird hats on his trips and he found this sweet dread wig and I thought (pauses and looks up) “man that looks warm”. And after a few months he gave it to me because he said it was haunted or something and ever since then I’ve been rocking it. Might even try to come out with my own product line based off it. But no real plans yet.

EOW: Right on, we used to have a dread wig in here too, don’t know what happened to that though.

John: Hey maybe I have it?

EOW: So let’s talk snowboarding. How did it all start for you?

John: Great question Edge. Yeah it actually started off a dare. My little brother Eric and I were hiking in the woods one day and we found this old snowboard, illumined by the sun, and he said “bet you ten bucks you cant ride that first try.” Next thing you know, I’m in Alaska with Lando and T-Rice. Everything up to that point is a blur, but it’s been a fun JOURNEY (takes a bite out of an O’Henry)

EOW: Wow very rad. Did you ever think you’d turn snowboarding into your job?

John: Well, yeah. I was hoping at least. If not I wanted to be a fly fisherman. Discovery Channel was actually in talks with me to do a spin off of “Deadliest Catch” called “Deadliester Catch, Get Fly.” It was all about me hunting for a great white whale with my fly rod and some friends. Turns out some guy stole the idea and turned it into a book, what a D***.

EOW: Ouch, that’s no good. But what motivates you in snowboarding, what do you get hyped on.

John: Another excellent question, you guys know how to ask em’. Well a lot inspires me. Pretty much it’s all about the powder. It’s like surfing, and you run a line and it’s like a big paint brush stroke. And hanging out with cool people. And then of course the tricks.

EOW: Yeah the tricks?

John: Yeah if you can’t triple at this point then don’t even talk to me.(Laughs) No I’m just kiddin’ just get out and ride, find your Journey.

EOW: Right on. So what are you hoping to do/learn in the future.

John: Spanish. For sure Spanish. And this year I’m trying to film a backflip over a group of grizzly bears. Yeah I always loved that old show “Happy Days” and the episode where the Fonz jumps the shark on water skis has been a huge inspiration in my life. Trying to recreate that on the snow. We’ll see how it goes.

EOW: Man sounds like you have a lot going on? And you made the move to Burton recently. How’s that?

John: So stoked to be on Burton. It was just time for a change, and it felt right. Lot’s of big mountain stuff going on which gets me hyped.

EOW: Alright John, any last words for da kidz?

John: Just follow your dreams, go support local snowboarding wherever you are, and get stoked every day. Thanks for letting me chill, I have to head to Alaska now.

EOW: No problem, stop back by next time you’re in town.

John: For sure, later guys. (John walks into the parking lot and howls. Soon a helicopter lands and he hops in with a smile on his face and then…he’s gone.)

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